Yamapi dating abiru yuu

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Yamapi dating abiru yuu

" while holding the bottle up: as seen here in Exhibit A.

Yamashita's work is well known, but Buzzer Beat is currently doing great. The date between the 2 was first witnessed in early October where they were spotted very initimately together on late night date at about 3am.”A representative of Tohoshinki has come forward to deny these allegations, however. The date which the magazine stated – early October – Jae Joong was in Korea. How can the 2 be together, we really cannot understand. There's no way Jae would date a chick like Abiru, at least not seriously. The women he loves in real life, Kagami, acts as a model and a singer. Debuted as a singing in October of 2007 with “Kaleidoscope”. Listen to/watch her MV [quote name='syc820' post='6335755' date='Sep 16 2009 11 41 AM']Oh, I didn't know she was half and half. She debuted as a model at 12 years old and in 2001 was recruited to be in Zexy's commercial where she hummed “Papapapa~n” and drew attention with her big smile. She's had 5 songs in a row make it to number 1 on the itunes download charts. The direct quote: “Jae Joong and Abiru Yuu were seen on a date late night in Tokyo recently.

The November 26 issue of Josei Seven reports that Jaejoong/Hero of Tohoshinki fame was seen on a date with Abiru Yuu (you know, Yamapi's ex).

act=image&pid=609799"][img] do resemble each other after all..x D Edited by meoinkie2, 16 September 2009 - AM.

act=image&pid=609799"][img] do resemble each other after all..x D[/quote]They could pass for sisters!

that the first thing he says he likes in a girlfriend.

she's a cutie pie, and he won't get tired of looking @ her!

Basically, it was a live show and Yuu got a bit too happy with the alkyhol - so much so, her behavior caused viewers to call in protesting that she be removed from the program. The name of the program was Onna Darake Daishin Nenkai Aidoru Ichigo Matsuri 2008 and aired on NTV. Her behavior continued and the staff finally reached their limit, so they went to CM but when they came back *POOF* Chugsy Mc Drinksalot was gone.

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