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The card as illustrated (size 8J" X 5§") which we supply with all orders, will attract many a nurse and mother into your pharmacy.

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TELEGRAPHIC ADDRESS: "CHEMICUS CANNON LONDON." Established in \_AUSTRALASIA, 1885. AN EXCELLENT SMUT DRESSING Farmers are using Corvusine in large quantities. The business is waiting for you — don't let it slip. Corvusine prevents premature Ground Rot, assists Germination (this point is an invaluable asset over old dressings, such as Vitriol or Sulphate of Copper, which kill a certain percentage of germination). Communicate with us now, so that we may write you concerning terms and literature for coming Autumn Season. viii London College of Pharmacy 10 London Essence Co 16 Lorimer Marshall, Ltd. 26 Mc Kesson &, Robbins 18 Manson, R xxiii Markt & Co. Small quantities of 25 bottles in assorted sizes specially supplied to Chemists. You are judged by the goods you display as much as by the goods you sell. AN AGREEABLE MOUTH- WASH Maw's Concentrated Glycerine and Thymol Solution.

In the special 'sizes so commonly ordered for the sick room. Customers will appreciate this thoughtful provision for their little ones. To take full advantage of the business-creating opportunities- which a Maw's Personal Weighing Machine offers, the Pharmacist cannot ignore " The Baby." Very young children are weighed rather frequently, and we are therefore supplying a handy basket baby carriage which can be placed on the platform of every pattern machine. 24 Ellison, H., Ltd xxiii Erasmio Co 23 Eucryl, Ltd 22 Exohange Column Col. J., & Co xxiii Fink, F., & Co xxii Fletcher, Fletcher & Co., Ltd Advertisements in front of the literary paces: the are numbered in Roman numerals (i to xxiv) Page Text 256 xiv 17 xxii xxii Ford, Shapland & Co. ..Anglo-Indian Drug Co vi Apollinaris Co., Ltd Cover Armour & Co., Ltd 4 Arnfield, J.