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And big teddy is watching out for you just incase I fall asleep.....you Santa... I have left you 1 raspberry licorace and some apples for Rudolf, Prancer, Comet, Vixen, Dasher, Dancer, Cupid and Donner and Blitzen. Please i have tried really hard to be good and to be more respectful. I have left you so very special treats for your riendeer and you . Please eat all of the yummy snacks we have left out for you. Wishing you a safe journey xx Hi santa hope you travel safe and have lots of fun how is rudolf?

For postpaid users, it will be distant operator GPRS roaming charge plus 15% Etisalat markup and for prepaid users, it will be normal GPRS band of charge.

International Destinations & Operators for MMS Etisalat has an agreement with almost 50 destinations to send and receive the MMS.

Click here to view the list of international destinations & operators for MMS.

Sending MMS To Any Destination In The World The new and enhanced MMS solution enable you to send MMS to any destination number in the world, even for the operators who do not have a direct agreement with Etisalat.

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Do you have picture that you'd like to contribute to our wallpaper selection? A file selector box will appear, choose your wallpapers directory and then the wallpaper file (xxxx.jpg).

If you are a new Postpaid/Prepaid Mobile Subscriber then as soon as you insert the SIM Card into the handset and open it, you will receive the MMS setting via SMS that you need to save into the handset in order to use the MMS service.

If you are an existing Postpaid/Prepaid Mobile Subscriber then to use the MMS service just follow the simple steps below.

It is a work in progress, and I am always looking for more clips!

Fill the days with hours of stimulating fun for your little one with our selection of baby and toddler games at Tesco direct.

Hi Santa, I have been a little naughty this year but I will try very hard next year. I hope you have a safe trip to all of the countries. I HOPE YOU LEFT ALL THE BIG PRESENTS AT HOME and all the small presents at Aunty Surita's house, Alexander (9yrs).

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