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I saw you more than 20 years ago in Essen/Germany (Rockpalast)... I hope I can repeat this moments...maybe in 20 years, both (you and me) are old but alive..with the same good music still in our souls... We could ill afford to lose such a unique and consistent talent.Jack keep the golden days in your heart Name: Steve Susaneck Location: Houston Texas Email: [email protected]: 12/13/2003 Time: PM Your music has been an inspiration for years, best wishes for a full recovery and we look forward to more years of fine music Name: ben spaans Location: Netherlands Email: [email protected]: 12/14/2003 Time: AM Hope you will recover soon. Name: Peter Location: America Email: Pierre Cosair [email protected]: 12/15/2003 Time: AM Jack I've listened to your rcordings since 1971 when I got Songs For A Taylor.

I have had this guitar since '76 and it was actually built in '74 when the Martin factory shipped it out as a special order.

Year ago, outside a club after a gig with Cornell, Jimmy Norman, my good buddy, and Stuff II's keyboard player; Gordon tell this story that his main bass guitar that he recorded with King Curtis, Aretha and so many others during the '60s while on tour in the early '70s was stolen.

Gordon said that this bass had some distinguishing wear on the face of the instrument.

That whenever he sees someone palying bass on television he always gives a close look to see if it is his stolen bass that is being played. Marty Name: Don Closson Location: Dallas, TX Email: [email protected]: 12/12/2003 Time: PM Jack, I just bought a copy of your 50th birthday celebration CD "Sitting on Top of the World." It brought me back to 1968 in Chicago when I saw you play with Cream. Don C Name: johnny smith Location: leominster, mass Email: [email protected]: 12/12/2003 Time: PM If you do see this it would make me as happy as your music has made me over the years.

Gordon also said, "Of all the Holiday Inns and other cheap hotels I stayed at, this guitar was stolen while I was staying at the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel!!! So, I call Gordon to tell him my hard luck story about my stolen 12-string guitar. The Blues Vegetables Name: JImmy JOhnston Location: Nuneaton, Email: [email protected]: 12/12/2003 Time: AM HI Jack Just to say thank you for all the music over the years. anyway all the bestfor the future love Jimmy Name: Marty Droze Location: Northville Michigan USA Email: [email protected]: 12/12/2003 Time: PM Get well, I saw you with Cream at Olympia Stadium in Detroit in 1967. I have been a fan since I has 4 yrs old (disreali gears)I wish you well keep practicing your chops !!

Because your guitar is your sound, I tell Gordon that, "Losing a guitar is like losing a woman." Gordon then replies in his gravelly voice: "It's worse!!!!! When i was a wee lad back in the sixties, my mate Andy's mum was freinds with your Mum, so we got the Cream albums before anyone else. Johnny 'rock' Smith Name: Martin Kent Location: London, UK Email: [email protected] Date: 12/12/2003 Time: PM I havn't visited the site for a couple of months and was shocked to hear of Jacks illness.

As much as I am shocked, I am overjoyed to hear that Jack is making a good recovery.Jack....you're a real trooper and an inspiration......those bass tones of yours have inspired many to pick up and play..included.Good luck and warmest wishes to you and your family for the future.Name: Emily Rose Kidwell Location: Wisconsin Email: [email protected]: 12/12/2003 Time: PM wow!lol i'm 14 years old and i listen to the cream cd's and i'm trying to get my hands on your solo albums. valentino Name: Glenn Letsch Location: San Francisco CA Email: [email protected]: 12/13/2003 Time: PM Jack, I met you at the Ringo gig a few years ago.Like John Mc Laughlin, whom I am frindly with, you have been a very important part of my musical development: For example, becasue Fresh Cream did a song credited to Robert Johnson, I went out and bought the frist Columbia Robert Johnson album. Fully recover and add some more wonderful music to the planetary sounds. My freind, Dennis Loren, designed a book of mine called 1001 Popular Music Questions, that we are still trying to sell to book publishers.

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