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I think most people decide what amount of an emergency or spending fund they need in retirement and keep that in some sort of cash equivalent.

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This is a strategy exposed by some, especially, RJL Wealth Management and books have been written about it.They also try to have a certain amount of guaranteed income from SS, pensions and annuities.Ray Lucia's recommendations for non-traded REITs turned me off to him entirely.Note that if you have adequate assets (a lower or variable withdrawal percentage), you do not need whatever the optimal withdrawal is for your retirement period.Due to recent equity gains, many here have refilled retirement accounts.I have read Ray Lucia's latest book and I have been to a couple of his seminars.

My take is that the "buckets" strategy has a lot of merit. First, very low interest rates make executing this strategy difficult since one is earning almost nothing on bonds and cash.

It is intended to meet expenses in the years beyond the 15th year of retirement, again providing opportunity to ride out swings with the intention of reaping the potential rewards. Bucket strategies redistribute funds only from the bucket containing more aggressive assets to less risky buckets, not the reverse.

Obviously, the buckets are time related to the appropriate investments in each bucket… On the other hand, target date funds rebalance to a predetermined asset allocation.

However, in the same scenario, a target date fund would rebalance some of the gains to other asset classes with potentially greater risk and return potential.

Furthermore, the proponents of this method legitimately claim that it does not expose the ENTIRE portfolio to major market (equity) downturns at just the time that a retiree is needing funds and taking them out of the portfolio. I would think that a globally diversified, yearly rebalanced, over many (5-12) asset classes using a systematic withdrawal (4-5%) strategy from a target date fund, would mitigate the activity of negative dollar cost averaging out of a retirement portfolio in down markets.

He advocated non-traded REITs as a way of getting higher yield than what a diversified fund of REITs would produce.

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