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This game is easy to play all you need to do is find the answers for the clues or pictures given in each level to complete the crossword.

We can just imagine the 16-year-old asking boys about feminism and dismantling the patriarchy while they just sit there with absolutely no idea how to respond!

After finding out Hitch's true identity, Sara publishes an exposé, causing Allegra and Albert to break up and Hitch's reputation to suffer.

At a speed dating cafe that Hitch sneaks into, Sara and Casey confront Hitch and cite Vance as their source.

Will ended his marriage and Jada broke up with a long-term boyfriend in 1995, and it wasn't long before they started their own romantic relationship.

"I helped him understand what happened in his marriage," Jada said in 1996, "and he helped me see what happened in my relationship. There's nothing I can't say to him, nothing I can't share." They got married on December 31, 1997 and now have two children, Jaden and Willow.

Alex "Hitch" Hitchens (Will Smith) is a professional "date doctor" who coaches other men in the art of wooing women, with a focus on long-term relationships.

While coaching one of his clients, Albert Brennaman (Kevin James), who is smitten with a client of his investment firm, celebrity Allegra Cole (Amber Valletta), Hitch finds himself falling for Sara Melas (Eva Mendes). While Albert and Allegra's relationship continues to progress, Hitch finds it difficult to initiate a dialogue with Sara, finding that none of his methods is working for catching her, while likewise being impressed with her ability to see through people's attempts to make advances.Will Smith has been candid before about his 16-year-old daughter Willow’s social life, but now, the actor is opening up about the beauty’s desire to date.While on the red carpet for the world premiere of that the star can “handle herself” when it comes to choosing the right guy.Throughout the entire process, he keeps his career secret, claiming to be a generic "consultant." Hitch meets with Vance Munson (Jeffrey Donovan), a shallow chauvinist attempting to enlist Hitch to help him land a one-night stand with Casey Sedgewick (Julie Ann Emery), Sara's coworker and best friend.Although Hitch refused to help, Vance misled Sara into believing that he used Hitch's services.The working title of the movie was The Last First Kiss, referring to a line that Hitch delivers to Albert: "This could be her last first kiss".

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