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Linde skipped playing Top of the Pops to be there when his daughter was born; thus, Valo appeared singing and playing a Gibson Flying V.

He also was a drum tech for Stratovarius at one point and was on the Stratovarius DVD for a couple of parts.

Burton described playing with HIM as "really easy and comfortable" as his bandmates helped him to learn the set.

He was asked to become a full time member at the end of January 2001.[2] He was friends with other members of the band while at school but did not join their band immediately.

When with his father, he was always in places that were surrounded with different instruments.

The instruments acted as toys for Paananen and he spent a lot of time with them.

His father listened to classical music and mother listened to "Fucking Operettas".

According to an interview Ville Valo had in German gothic magazine Sonic Seducer, Paananen is planning to release a solo album in 2011 which Valo will be mixing.

Burton made his second debut as a temporary member of the band at the concert arranged at the Semifinal Club on 12 January 2001.

This was to give the keyboarder the chance to appear in a low key environment before the tour dates in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark later that month.

Drums LUDWIG Legacy Classic (color: Vintage Black Oyster Pearl)SHELL SIZES: DRUM HEADS: AQUARIAN13" Rack Tom Top Response 2 Coated Bottom Texture Coated16" Floor Tom Top Response 2 Coated Bottom Texture Coated18" Floor Tom Top Response 2 Coated Bottom Texture Coated14" Snare Top Hi-Energy Bottom Hi-Performance22" Kick Batter Force I White Front Force II Black DRUM STICKS: VIC FIRTHAmerican Classic Metal Former bands]) as a stewardess on Finnair, the national airline.

Linde also has a younger brother named Jude, who was born four years after Linde.

Instead, he went on to study music at a higher level and is now classically trained.

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