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In keeping with civil usage and the International Meridian Conference of 1884 where days are reckoned from midnight, and also for the sake of convenience of not handling such large numbers, the MJD was defined in the 1950s as (JD - 2400000.5). (Two URLs which attribute the origin of MJD to artificial satellite tracking at SAO are found in Austria and Australia.) The IAU has had a love/hate/love relationship with MJD.In Resolution C3 Commissions 26, 27, 30, 42 "Do deplore the introduction of the Modified Julian Day system" and "recommend the rescinding of resolution no 4 of the XVth General Assembly of the IAU that established the Modified Julian Day system". (This looks like another case of capitulation to practical reality akin to that of the 1935 IAU resolution regarding GMT which basically admitted that no action by the IAU could prevent the use of the term.) Subsequent to the creation of time scales other than Greenwich Mean Time, forms of JD and MJD expressed in those time scales have also been used to indicate elapsed time measured in ephemeris days and in multiples of 86400 SI seconds.

Reckoning time by tides is sufficiently simple that rocks can do it.

The variation is known as the "equation of time", and it is large enough that a pendulum clock is stable enough to measure it.

The "equation of time" is best visualized in combination with the annual variation in the latitude of the sun in order to produce the analemma.

In this case "mean" means the average obtained by considering the rotation of the earth in the absence of the annual variations caused by obliquity and eccentricity.

Telegraphs were particularly strong drivers of mean solar time because they began to require synchronization of human activities over large distances.

The earliest almanacs tabulated the "equation of time".

Until 1930 in the British Nautical Almanac and 1935 in the American Ephemeris and Nautical Almanac the position of the sun was tabulated at apparent noon as well as at mean noon.Many visits to this page are prompted by APIs used in computer languages that want to handle elapsed time.Terser than the many details here I point to the fundamental problem which confounds POSIX is the fundamental element of all calendars.Their father, the late Hiroaki Aoki, founded the popular Benihana restaurant chain. The concept of time has been refined throughout history, and new understanding usually produces a new time scale.Sedimentary rocks called tidal rhythmites contain records of earth paleorotation dating back three billion years.

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