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Natasha continued: 'The last time we were all [at Sundance] it felt like we were young actresses.Now, I feel like we've grown up and have a lot going on behind the scenes, which feels pretty great I have to say' Last time me n @mrclea were at Sundance together.

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Plus, Natasha is 35 and Fred is 47, meaning that he's inching closer and closer to finding a girlfriend who was born in the same decade! So maybe not surprising that Natasha, who’s had addiction issues in the past, is buying it all from someone who likes to do the full court press on women. Fred Armisen and Natasha Lyonne, who have been dating for just over a year, posed for pics together on the red carpet at the 2015 Emmys, where the cute couple flashed giant grins for the photogs.2001 - 2001Natasha Lyonne and Adam Goldberg dated in 2001.That year, Natasha was arrested in Miami Beach after she attempted to flee the scene of a car accident. The couple was married for just six months and split amidst accusations that Armisen cheated on Moss with Abby Elliott, his much younger SNL co-star.

The infidelity was never confirmed, but Armisen and Elliott began dating just weeks after his divorce. These days, Armisen is more in demand than ever, with Portlandia's cult audience growing by the season, and his gig as Seth Meyer's bandleader yielding some of the best banter in late night.Armisen was previously married to Elisabeth Moss, best known for her role as Peggy Olsen on Mad Men.Hopefully they were seated in different sections at the awards, because the Moss-Armisen divorce was not a pretty one.#butimacheerleader sorry in advance if I put up a bunch of shots- already feeling sentimental that I get to be here w Clea& @chloessevigny.reportedly been dating Fred Armisen for almost a year (they were most recently pictured together at a gala honoring Steve Martin in June, which you see above). "This is not a G-rated text message I'm sending right now," she admitted.

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