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Rick Grimes and Michonne No-Last-Name-Required made good on the sexual tension and mutual affection that’s been simmering for three seasons.

And to step through the portal into this new place was really trippy.

But the 16-year-old was still thrown for a loop when the video for his first single, "Just a Kiss," premiered on BET's "106 & Park." "It was amazing to see myself on the TV screen with my new joint," Mishon says.

"I've been doing this music thing since I was 9; it's my first passion." "Just a Kiss" has climbed to No.

His third album, "The Yearbook," will be a joint October release among Dynasty, Streamline Records and Interscope.

Dennis Dennehy, executive VP of marketing and publicity at Interscope, says the label has a long-term vision for Mishon in which "he builds his fan base and his fan base grows and matures with him.

Taking fans behind the scenes of 's season six premiere, which he calls "a huge, huge episode," Cudlitz guarantees that "the first episode is going to blow your mind! The kiss that goes down between Daryl Dixon and Michonne in the video. " Cudlitz asks after, to which Reedus responds, "Now I am!

"It's a little like I've been here forever and I've never been here."To get some scoop on what's coming up in the new season and to learn who's already missing some toenails from all the intense action their character is a part of in the premiere, watch the behind-the-scenes sneak peek above.

Rick’s wife, Lori, may only have been a few episodes gone, but the writing was there on the graffiti-smeared walls and their fizz-pop chemistry inspired a small-but-vocal part of the fandom to begin to hope that Michonne and Rick might one day act on it.

Like many seemingly unlikely couples before them, Rick and Michonne got a portmanteau nickname (Richonne! But are Rick and Michonne really all that unlikely? Here’s his reaction to reading the script for Episode 10: I sat there and screamed when I read it.

PHOTOS: The Walking Dead cast in real life “Are you excited to be back, Norman?

” Cudlitz asks after the unexpected — and lengthy — kiss as the actress tries to recover from the surprise show of affection.

53 on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart since debuting nine weeks ago, while its video is No. The song connects with teens because its lyrics about young romance are age-appropriate without being patronizing. (Whitney Houston, Jordin Sparks), who co-produced "Kiss" with Da Internz.

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    In honor of the highly-anticipated season finale of The Bachelorette featuring Jo Jo Fletcher, we're looking back at which former contestants beat the odds and found love on the ABC dating franchise.