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Since starting out 11 years ago, The Fray has featured King and singer Isaac Slade splitting songwriting duties, each track a collaboration. 1 hit singles and millions of tickets sold, King felt that the time was now to hunker down and release tracks that are all his, from writing to the performance.

His approach to production, the blending of synth bass and real drums, programmed drums and real drums…It”s hard being the songwriter continuing to write songs for 10 years and then after a while it becomes empty when you don”t have an outlet. King is confident KING set won”t interfere with his band”s album-making schedule, as the group is currently writing for their fourth full-length for an estimated Q4 release this year.“As I”ve been talking to labels, they rightly asked ‘How”s it gonna work with The Fray? It”s just now I feel that same anxiety I felt seven years ago, when The Fray was about to put out [the album ‘How to Save a Life”]. It”s a family, you have to change it up and push yourself.”“These are my brothers, I care more about what they think about than my mother. 11 on Adult Pop Songs), the band's 10th anniversary and how, sadly, even their own family members may not be the biggest Fray fans. She thought it would be a phase, like, 'Oh yeah, Isaac's band phase ...' Then, two years into it, she started getting the sense that we were going to be doing this for awhile.Billboard: Featured on ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" and "Scrubs," "How to Save a Life" became a hit before synching became as common as it is now. You know, there are hard parts to it, but, by and large, it's the best job we've ever had. After all, with years of touring Colorado indie dives under their belts, the Fray are finally riding high on a Number One alternative single and a debut, How to Save a Life, that's sold over 100,000 copies. "It's probably, like, a 16,000-square-foot mansion, and you can see the skyline -- and My Chemical Romance is recording upstairs! We're going to be dragging our feet all the way back to Denver." After months out on the road on their first headlining tour of North America, the band has no hesitations about stopping at home -- where, four years ago, Slade hooked up with guitarists Joe King and Dave Welsh and drummer Ben Wysocki, and created the Fray.

" But reality for an up-and-coming indie outfit sets in fast. Slade and King began writing songs that would become the band's 2005 soaring debut, How to Save a Life.

And it does not at all sound like the Fray, nor what one would really call a “breakup record.”“I didn”t want it to sound like a stripped down, acoustic, real melancholy piano thing.

On so many solo records, that kind of thing”s really obvious.

I don't want a freak show."Sir Benjamin, 62, had stipulated that his offer was not open to drug users, communists, homosexuals or readers of The Guardian.

In June, he thought he had struck lucky with Isaac Slade, the lead singer of multi-million-selling band the Fray, in Denver, but he turned down the offer of the mansion, saying he was too busy with his band.

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