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Amy smiles with rueful self-knowledge when I enquire whether she’s got even a hint of a reckless streak.

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Amy and her sister Katie, who is studying medicine at Dundee, would sing along to Michael Jackson as kids, but it wasn’t until the age of 12, when she bought the Travis album "Music was something I enjoyed, a hobby.

It was written, needless to say, long before she met Lovell."The irony hasn’t been lost on me," she says, grinning.

"But it doesn’t change the way I feel about young women whose sole ambition is be a football Wag.

"I don’t have the songwriter’s obligatory sob story.

My sister and I both had a very happy, normal childhood and we’ve turned into sensible adults.

The only drawback to touring is that I eat so much junk food, plus part of my performance contract is that I get lots of Mars Bar Milk to drink in the dressing room.

I’m normally a size 10 to 12 but I can feel my jeans getting tighter round the waistband, so as soon as I’m back home I head straight to the gym."Vanity is not in Amy’s vocabulary.has gone double platinum with sales of 600,000 and, after a slow-burning start last August, knocked chart heavyweights Radiohead off the number one slot in January of this year.With her gutsy, pure vocals and catchy melodies, she slides effortlessly from country and western to folk and, at her best, has a haunting style reminiscent of the Cranberries or Sinéad O’Connor.My main gripe is that a lot of these girls don’t actually do anything, but just want to flaunt their lifestyle."I saw a survey of ten-year-olds recently and something like three quarters of them wanted to be footballers’ wives.Neither of us craves fame.’Hard work is certainly Amy’s mantra, but there’s also been an element of luck in her trajectoryfrom self-taught 15-year-old with a guitar playing the occasional gig at a Borders coffee shop in Glasgow, to the poised young woman who already has Europe under her belt and is ready to go global.