What does dating mean to a guy

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It means that for the price of coffee I get to hear a woman: fish for compliments, explain why she is single, make it clear she is not easy, dare me to prove her wrong about not being easy, complain about dating generally, say she had a great time, and suggest that we do this again what if the woman provides the coffee at guys request, is amazed to be getting unexpected compliments and only explains when asked about singleness...makes no mention of 'easiness' then what is she to expect...it going out or being on tap when desired but not really in a relationship? Maybe he is out of a long term relationship or newly divorced and he doesn't want to commit to one person yet so dating different people is just right for him.No one wants to make the same mistake twice.realise that.

Guys seems like we are not that different, fairly common thread seems to be the getting to know each other...it's about pace and building.

It might be as a potential partner where we begin to invest more time in each other and invest emotionally with each other.

Each date is a learning experience - learning about others as well as myself. When I say dating I mean I want to spend the most amount of time with that person to better understnad them and what the relationship could be.

Georgeummm think the phrase friendship is a good place to start...honesty etc is fairly self explanatory but if not dictionaries found in book shops...the 45 to 50 thing would actually mean....surprise i only want to hear from people within that age group.

tara clear no oh well there's always one sorry...ditzy applies to the male specimen of the human species too anyway, no need to fall out...truth is I had really young guys mail me and some much older than myself, I wanted to be clear about what ages I felt comfortable with....45,46,47,48,49,maybe 50.

I also had LTR on but felt too much when one guy wanted to move me to another city within 2 days!!!

so went for dating, that turned out to be sex..we have needs too we dont deny it, but we do expect to hear from you again after and not just when you cant find anyone in the bar.

I'm confused, do guys still say these kind of things if they just want to hook up?

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.

A guy said he didn't want to be in a relationship, just more of a friends with benefits type of thing.

But he will call me pet names such as babe, baby, my darling.

Do you see how confusing and misleading your own profile is?? Why not just come right out and SAY what you're looking for? You might just want to delete that part of your profile.

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