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Or you just don't want to register it, common on build servers.

I can't comment on why you'd sometimes not get the without more diagnostics. I guess one more reason for why it is optional is you don't always need to register the assembly on your daily build server.

What I know is: Register for COM Interop This options executes regasm on the assembly and registers the assembly as an COM component(or maybe not) in the registry with all COM like registry entries. Make assembly COM visible What effect does this one has on an assembly?

If I have the following type inside this assembly, do I still need to specify the "Make assembly COM Visible" even though my type is marked as Com Visible? Rarely desirable, you will want to select the specific types that you want to be visible, like you did in your snippet.

After the assembly is built, it needs to be registered so that it becomes usable by COM clients.

This involves writing registry keys in the or you can leave it up to the build system to do it automatically after building the assembly. VS needs to run elevated to have write access to those registry keys, one reason for making it optional.

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