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We have targeted minimum environmental footprints for each mine to achieve by 2020.Three of our mines that were active in 2015 have already achieved their minimum environmental footprint.

We won first prize in the Celebrate the River Song Contest 2016!

Environment, Health and Safety are the cornerstones of our Sustainability commitment.

Innovative programs in EHS have made us leaders in land management, emissions management, recycling, energy and resource conservation, and workplace safety.

A glance at the cars moving down the Sedona Scenic Byway will quickly inform one of any potential delays.

Other routes into Sedona (from Interstate 17) include State Route 89A through Oak Creek Canyon (one lane either way, but an unforgettable scenic drive) and Route 260 through Cottonwood and onto two-lane State Route 89A, the Western Gateway to Sedona.

The Razer Stargazer brings augmentations to life with unparalleled speed and precision.

Hand motion is tracked in real-time to deliver naturalistic bionic hand control.

Use the form below to begin the application process.

Most people can complete the setup process in less than an hour and begin work the same day!

We believe zero Fatal and Serious Injuries (FSI) are possible.

Our safety culture strive to reduce incidents by improving controls.

Our current strategic target for landfilled waste is a 75% reduction by 2020 and 100% by 2030 from a 2005 baseline.

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