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I am Reinhold from Frankfurt Germany and I recommend all my friends and people I meet to watch your videos which are all impressive! Great Love" "Hi coach, I've written twice to u already (comments) and I've seen some of your videos, like them a lot, u are one of my heroes (honestly), because of the way u embrace life, and because u actually care for other ppl, thanks man, honestly thanks" "Thanks a lot for your insight. I just watched your video and decided to meditate using the simple breath technique that you describe and I must say that it was the most refreshing meditative experience I have had in a long time. The nights he doesn't see me he rings up saying how much he misses me, and saying how much he loves being with me and spending time with me.

In a fun way i guess cause in the end all guys only want to be my friend. And I have been dating this girl that I met on the party... I keep on having my daily walks, concentrating on my studies .Jesus! Life is good, you helped me to change my attitude, and I have been experiencing the changes in my spiritual world. I felt 30 times more confident about dating and myself just after watching four videos! Things seemed pretty good but after a few semi-dates he just stopped contacting me.I stumbled upon some of your promotional videos on youtube only 1 week ago and already I feel the information you provided has changed my life.It has changed the way I think about everything and I realize now how many mistakes I've made that could have been easily solved, if only I had had then the tools you are providing to me now. The only thing is: I think you charge too little and give away too much for free.There's a lot to watch there, but you seem somehow very sincere and reliable. You have inspired me in so very many ways." R - Sweden These messages need to be heard, not just once but to hold in our subconscious "You are doing something great for humanity. These messages need to be heard, not just once but to hold in our subconscious. " VH "Your videos, advice, and insight are amazing.My former roommate listened to your podcasts on how to attract women. And in less than a year he had met the great woman who is now his wife. There's this guy in my office, I just learnt he's married and he's just really nice and friendly with me.Tonight I had my 6th date with him - It obviously worked!

- I found the biggest help was your advice to get confidence in myself, and not be afraid to take the risk.

Thank you for all that you do to help other people. Thank you" "Hi, I'm Ingrid A., nice to meet you First of all, I want to thank you for all of your videos, they're really helpful and at the same time I'm having fun and really enjoy them! The eye contact and everything is just straight flirting, you can tell.

I'm very eager to see your upcoming videos , so put more more because they're really fun to watch and I'm sure that I'm not the only one woman who thinks this way! You helped me already a lot as I am in a lot of trouble... Thanks a lot once again" RB "Greetings Francisco, I have been meditating for many years, but have largely avoided the technique of following the breath. I didn't know he's attached and all, and I thought he is interested in me and would want to ask me out. That's alright, at least I found out the real deal this early.not too heart breaking :) Keep up the good work - Thanks" M "The relationship is going from strength to strength, and we see each other 4 nights a week.

Your Wake Up Your Power podcast on i Tunes led me to the vitalcoaching website, and then time got lost. I look forward to and so far I've already begun to feel more confident and relaxed about dating." C - US "Hi Francisco, I just wanted to tell u that u are wonderful. And spiritual connection to their body in general (Absolute tantra - MP3 audios). I also enjoy the topics with helpful hints and tips regarding things that I can utilize on a daily basis like mantras, breathing exercises, meditation, martial arts etc...

I can really see how you have- and share- the gift of plugging people right into the Source. I learned so much just from listening to the audio sessions and will be purchasing something from u soon. You are in my opinion a good karma-worker who understood the meaning of "what goes around comes around"! Greetz from the Isle of Wight" S - Isle of Wight "Dear Francisco, I discovered your podcasts last night and am listening to them even as I am e-mailing you this message. u r going to be Very Successful :-)" S - Dubai "Just listened to your interview and whaou! "Dear Francisco, I wanted to thank you for posting the raw material for coaches.

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