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Might I make it perfectly clear to anybody reading this that I am not in support of child pornography, nor the production of child pornography.I strongly believe that abuse like the production of CP should come with punishment.

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Therefore, more children will be abused, molested, and mentally and emotionally scarred. 40% of all child pornography arrestees in the US are dual offenders who have sexually victimized children in the past (Also, most convicted pedophiles acknowledge that viewing child pornography helped lead them to molest children (In conclusion, unless my opponent thinks that people should also be allowed to molest children, then I have a hard time seeing how he can defend the legalization of possessing child pornography. For all of those of you who plan to vote on this debate I must ask you to objectively look at both of our arguments and vote based on who you think honestly won this debate.CP has very few instances of commercial production, and in my research a majority of the arrests are for production at home for distribution on the internet, though IRC, P2P, FTP, and the like- not commercial production.It would not be logical to think that if less people were getting arrested for CP possession people would decide "Maybe I SHOULD molest my kids, after all, I can get 10 people to download my file on the internet when I could only previously get 7!" By your own statistic, 60% of arrests have never sexually victimized a single child.

Meaning 60% of those arrested are totally innocent, and have not committed a crime where there has been a victim.Furthermore, most people would be absolutely repulsed by the very idea of CP and not seek it if it were legal, I suggest that the occurrences of CP would hardly be effected at all.Look at other black market industries, like those of drugs and prostitution. Is is a non-profit platform which takes hundreds of hours a month to maintain.Hi, and thanks for accepting this debate challenge.Firstly, while most products demand increases drastically as price moves closer to zero (Such as, for example, holywood movies.