Updating to sp3

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Navigate to the following folder: C:\Program Files\D-Tools\SI 5\Server\ 2. In step 3 you will only be prompted to update the Client. If your version is anything other than 5.5.860.0 then you do not have the latest SP3 release.

To see, try running Windows Update manually from the website to insure it can install patches.I had even checked the system event logs and come up empty.It turns out that Windows Update has 2.5 activity log files.This allows Microsoft to download an Active X control that gathers assorted debugging information and sends it back to them.In my case, this debugging information proved critical.A brief search turned up forum postings at from others with this problem.

This thread, XP SP3 Preventing any other Windows Update Installs, started almost 3 months ago.

It was included in the debugging information sent to Microsoft and revealed that my problem was an error 0x80004002.

The Fix Windows Update was resuscitated with the oldest trick in the book, re-installing the software.

In addition to the "update history", there are two plain text log files in the C:\WINDOWS folder.

The "half" is a file called "Windows Update.log" which doesn't seem to be used any longer.

A Microsoft technician responded to my plea for help well within their 24 hour goal.