Updating sql database from an array

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Updating sql database from an array - xxxlive demo

* * @param string $table The database table to be inserted into * @param array|Traversable $dataobjects list of objects to be inserted, must be compatible with foreach * @return void does not return new record ids */ Where the number of records to be retrieved from DB is high, the get_records_xxx() functions above are far from optimal, because they load all the records in memory at the same time.Under those circumstances, it is highly recommended to use these get_recordset_xxx() functions instead, which use one nice mechanism to iterate over all the target records and save a lot of memory.

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If you need to specify an id use $DB-/** * Insert multiple records into database as fast as possible.

You should exclusively use these functions in order to retrieve or modify database content because these functions provide a high level of abstraction and guarantee that your database manipulation will work against different RDBMSes.

Where possible, tricks and examples will be documented here in order to make developers' lives a bit easier.

(When developing custom tables, be sure to make id your first column for this reason!

) Get the first two columns from a number of records as an associative array where all the given conditions met.

Anyone familiar with Java has used arrays in one form or the other.

Before these arrays can be stored in Postgre SQL, however, they need to be mapped to the Interface provided in the package … The JDBC driver provides functions that map Java arrays to their corresponding Postgre SQL arrays.For a detailed reference of changes, see the migration docs.Each of the following methods return an array of objects.In the code below, a new set of USA cities is declared as a Java String array, which is then converted to a Postgre SQL TEXT array before updating the existing row.This page describes the functions available to access data in the Moodle database.Only one thing is absolutely important: Don't forget to close the recordsets after using them!

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