Updating magellan maestro 4250

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This was helpful, but it wasn’t quite flexible enough for me on some occasions.For example I was looking for “Maple Avenue” in my town.

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Then you enter in a street using the same Quick Spell process.As mentioned, right out of the box you will notice a big difference between the Maestro series and the previous Road Mate series.These devices come with a 4.3 inch widescreen display.The display is not the brightest display we’ve ever seen, but it is a fairly decent quality screen.It doesn’t have an exceptionally wide acceptable viewing angle, so you might have a little bit of trouble with washed out colors if the device isn’t facing you straight on.The processor also seems to be well up to speed to perform processor intensive tasks.

This is a welcome change from the trend we’ve been seeing of manufacturers using processors that are too slow making the device sluggish.

It just couldn’t seem to find it, even if I just entered “M” and manually looked through the entire list.

After browsing the map I realized that for some reason the underlying NAVTEQ data has the street listed as “Old Maple Ave”.

This isn’t as easy as other mounts which feature a “ball and socket” type connection that is adjustable on the fly.

The mount is also very long; the screen can be as much as 7 inches from the windshield.

Therefore despite being only .8″ thick, this probably isn’t a device you will want to throw into your pocket for very long. Along the left side of the Maestro is the power button, MMC/SD card slot, USB connector, and a hard reset switch. Along the right side is the headphone jack and the power connector.

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