Updating grub on frugalwarr

11-Jan-2015 11:27 by 6 Comments

Updating grub on frugalwarr

The user must set the two options update-grub uses.Then re-run the update-grub script to update the file using the default's that have been set.

(My Ubuntu installation is on sda5, by the way.) Since you say your grub bootloader appears, but the menu is empty, I think you don't need to reinstall grub, but rather, as you ask, run update-grub.So now, obviously, Grub doesn't give me any way to boot into Ubuntu; I can boot into Windows just fine, but Ubuntu isn't even listed.So I just want to run "sudo upgrade-grub" somehow to restore Ubuntu to the list.Let me just say as a preface to this rant that I am not absolutely certain what the problem is here, but I have some pretty strong evidence, based on what my laptop is doing, and some pretty strong suspicions, based on how much I despise Windows.Having said that, here are the facts, you can draw your own conclusions.Once it boots, open a terminal (ctrl-alt-t) and mount your Ubuntu partition on /mnt.

I'm assuming the Ubuntu partition is /dev/sda5, but you should determine this yourself.

Unmount the filesystems: I restarted the Live CD and this time it appears to be working. I still have to reinstall programs and do some configuring, but everything seems good at this point.

I must have typed something wrong the first time, although I was careful. The combined instructions of roadmr and Basharat Sialvi can be found here: Instructions for chainloader and multiboot commands of Grub2 are at Community Help Wiki.

This new HP came with Windows 7 Home Premium, so that should fit the bill nicely.

I unpacked it and booted up, went through the normal Windows first-start blathering, removed all the Symantec trashware that was pre-installed, and it seemed to be running reasonably well.

Ok, I went and looked, and there were 50 or so updates already downloaded and ready to install. Ok, so I booted the open Su SE Live USB stick again, repaired GRUB, booted open Su SE from the hard drive, and all was well.