Updating database using dataset

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The Update Data Set method can specify the behavior that should occur when it encounters an error.This behavior must be supported by the Database object subtype. Standard, which indicates that if an error occurs, the update will stop at the point of the error.

Other update behaviors are the following: This content is outdated and is no longer being maintained.When you concatenating two sql strings, you better add space at the end of first string or at the beginning of second string.As Gordon Linoff pointed out your sql statement is incorrect.After your dataset is populated with data, you will typically perform some kind of manipulation of the data before sending it back to the data source or to another process or application.Since each record in a dataset is represented by a Data Row object, changes to a dataset are accomplished by updating and deleting individual rows.If you do send the changes back to the database, then a second step is required.

If you aren't using data-bound controls, then you have to manually call the Update method of the same Table Adapter (or data adapter) that you used to populate the dataset.

When you data bind dataset tables to controls on a Windows Form or XAML page, the data binding architecture does all the work for you.

If you're familiar with Table Adapters, you can jump directly to one of these topics: Updating a data source is a two-step process.

However, if you want to send changes to the database or to another process, the dataset has to maintain change information for deleted rows.

Data tables therefore provide special methods for deleting records so this information can be retained.

The first step is to update the dataset with new records, changed records, or deleted records.

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