Updating bathroom mirrors

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Updating bathroom mirrors - Free sex chat site without upgradation

We like the aesthetic of things showing a little wear; so when our mirror showed a few scrapes and scratches, we embraced those flaws.But if you're looking for a cleaner design, pay close attention to those little imperfections.

Simply choose your color (maybe you have a little leftover paint from another project?For an even more in-depth tutorial, check out our friends over at Young House Love, who found a nice mirror on sale and gave it a couple of coats of paint to fit right in with their nursery decor!A large mirror can add a feeling of spaciousness to a bathroom and reflect light, further contributing to an airy feeling.Toilet seat covers are not only outdated, but they’re incredibly unsanitary. Raise your hand if you've learned the hard way that nice-looking mirrors can cost almost their weight in gold? So when we happened upon a vintage (read: in need of a major overhaul) mirror for at a thrift shop, we managed to look past its garish faux-antiqued gold frame and bring it home.Fixing them will definitely improve the look of the finished product!

Finally, if you get any paint on the mirror, simply let it dry and then scrape it off with a straight-edged razor.

These costs are often incurred in labor charges on items that go beyond the typical do-it-yourselfer’s skills.

If you find yourself in the position of needing a bathroom update, but without the funds for a full remodel, here’s some quick, budget-friendly updates that will give your bathroom a brand new look. Replace this: With this: I’m not sure why this is, but I find that most people overlook the importance of lighting in almost every room of their home.

To paint, we'd recommend at least two coats (if not three).

Be sure to let it dry completely before picking it up; you don't want any thumbprints showing up on your freshly-painted frame!

The mirror's style, however, can also make it feel dated.

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