Updating a file using random access

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Updating a file using random access

After defining a type that corresponds to a typical record, declare any other variables that your application needs to process a file opened for random access.For example: Because Random is the default access type, the For Random keywords are optional.

When you say Put the Data in memory, do you mean in a Temporary File or a Variable. Your logic worked out properly and i can now update the records.

Usually you don’t want empty records in your file, because they waste space and interfere with sequential operations.

It is better to copy the remaining records to a new file, and then delete the old file.

When the update takes place that's where my problems occur.

Once i have updated the record, then go to enter a new record it continues to produce copies of the updated record regardless of the entry details for the new record.

This includes user-defined types, which correspond to records in the file, as well as standard types for other variables that hold data related to processing a file opened for random access.

Before opening a file for random access, define a type that corresponds to the records the file does or will contain.Hi people, Does anyone know why the following marked line doesn't work? The info given to me is that the location of the text file is user id: USER password: USER I dont know how i can include the "user id" and "password" into my VB program to access the file in ftp.The Current Pair ID and No Of Pairs works but Pairs IDs doesn't. 2) For the File I/O of the *file i mentioned above, how can i know where are the (i) "end of line" of each line & (ii) "end of file" ?The expression Len = reclength specifies the size of each record in bytes.Note that every string variable in Visual Basic stores a Unicode string and that you must specify the byte length of that Unicode string.You could use the following code to open a file: Dim File Num As Integer, Rec Length As Long, Employee As Person ' Calculate the length of each record.

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