Updating a duns number

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Options will be provided after completing the below form and submitting it.

S., Australia, and the European Union, and confers numerous benefits on businesses that participate.

And, technically, any separate business location – the two Chipotle restaurants on opposite sides of town, for instance, or even two separate corporate divisions that occupy different suites in the same building – can apply for a unique number.

However, at this level of organization, a company may prefer to use a D-U-N-S 4 number.

Registered non-government users can also dispute inaccurate payment experiences and public filing information.

The payment can be made by credit card, check or wire.

Obtaining a Data Universal Number System (DUNS) number is the first step in registering as an organization applicant in

The instructions below describe DUNS and walk through the process of acquiring a free DUNS number.it will take an additional 48 hours for the information to post on the D&B Global Database.-If you would like to register with D&B for the Riyadh Metro Project, please send an email with your details (Company name, contact name, designation, phone number and country) to [email protected] you would like to apply for the D&B D-U-N-S© as a US Government contractor or for a US Government Grant, kindly follow the steps below: If you already have an existing D&B D-U-N-S© Number and you would like to update the information, please send an email to [email protected] your details and information you would like to update.A DUNS number is a unique nine-character number used to identify your organization.The federal government uses the DUNS number to track how federal money is allocated. Most large organizations, libraries, colleges, and research universities already have a DUNS number.The business credit file associated with your business’s D-U-N-S Number can help potential partners and lenders learn about your business and make informed decisions about whether or not to work with you as a client, supplier or partner.