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Sri Tyagaraja lived the rest of his life in that house. He moved about, all his life, in the Thiruvaiyaru-Tanjavuru region.He did not travel outside of that limited area until he was about seventy-two years of age.

While he was still a very young boy, his family moved into a house on the Tirumanjana Street, at Thiruvaiyaru (about 50 KMs away) that was gifted by the King of Tanjavuru.Whenever he chooses to take the full pleasure of ignorance, of the dualities, of strife and wrath and tears and weakness and selfishness, ...of the play of the Kali [not Kaali], he dims the knowledge in India and puts her down into weakness and degradation so that she may retire into herself and not interfere with this movement of his Lila.Hence I request rasikas to come forward and share with me copies of those rare concerts so I can put them online to give everybody an oppurtunity to share the sang It Am R^ita M !You'll be duly recognized on the website for your contribution.To take and get free download Tyagaraja Keerthanalu mp3 from youtube or soundcloud through mp3take You just click on the Download link You just click on Play button to listen Tyagaraja Keerthanalu mp3 music Suggestion to search Tyagaraja Keerthanalu mp3 free download:1.

for search your songs Tyagaraja Keerthanalu can be found with a maximum results, please type: artist name - song title2.However, after his disciples assured and promised to conduct regularly the daily Puja of his deity Sri Rama, without fail, Sri Thyagaraja agreed to make the trip.42.3.According to the travel plans drawn up , finalized and arranged by the Manager Tanjavuru Rama Rao, Sri Tyagaraja and party were to first visit Sri Rangam; then on to Kanchipuram to call on the sage Sri Upanishad Brahmendra honouring his invitation ; and from there to Tirupthi-Tirumala to have the Mentor Sri Upanishad Brahmendra after long-long years. 1780) in Tanjavuru, Sri Upanishad Brahmendra, youth of thirty-three was in the prime of life; and his admirer Tyagaraja a lad of twelve was just on the threshold of life. And, when they met at Kanchipuram (1839) after a lapse of about sixty years, both had grown into ripe old sages glowing with mellow joy; Sri Upanishad Brahmendra was in ripe old age at about 92 and Sri Tyagaraja too was at about 72.Thereupon, Sri Upanishad Brahmendra said that he too had heard of Tyagaraja and his music.Then, he went on to say that, in fact, he was well familiar with Ramabrahmam who was his fellow-student and also with his son Tyagaraja while the latter was a young boy of 10 or 12.40.3.How his first and the only travel outside that region came about is rather interesting.40.2.