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In experiment 1, 96 participants aged 9–14 years carried out an interactive task when communication was easy (no barrier, ‘NB’) and difficult (the speech of one participant was filtered through a vocoder, ‘VOC’).

Microglia are activated by various agents that trigger a sequence of unique morphologic changes, including cell body enlargement.Pb accumulation in erythrocytes results in increased brain δ-ALA which enhances and prolongs microglial activation ().Thus, by way of multiple mechanisms, free-floating Pb in brain tissue and increased brain δ-ALA might be expected to promote neuroimmune system disruption, chronic microglial activation and microglia proliferation, as evidenced by altered levels of pro- and anti-inflammatory markers including TNF-α, IFN-γ, IL6, IL10, i NOS and HO-1, increased microglial mean cell body number, and mean cell body volume.From the age of 11, vowel hyperarticulation was evident in VOC, but only because VSA were gradually reducing with age in NB.The results suggest that whilst large VSA do not prevent children from hyperarticulating vowels, the manner in which this is achieved may not be adult-like.The mechanisms by which early chronic exposure to Pb alters brain structure and function have not been identified.

Results from in vivo and in vitro studies have suggested that Pb may promote neurotoxicity by disrupting neuroimmune system function ().

Activated microglia secrete an array of chemokines, eicosanoids, proteases, complements, and cytokines including, for example, TNF-α, IL-1β, IL-6, IL-10, and IFN-γ.

The influence of a given cytokine is not singular, and at different times, might be pro- or anti-inflammatory, and thus have neuro-protective or neuro-destructive effects.

The results did not support a model of increased neuroinflammation.

Instead, early chronic exposure to Pb disrupted microglia via damage to, loss of, or lack of proliferation of microglia in the developing brains of Pb-exposed animals.

The aim of this study was to examine evidence of neuroimmune and brain structure differences in young C57BL/6J mice, with and without chronic Pb exposure.