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Trueview online dating - jeu flash dating simulation

“We want to start great conversations online, making it much easier when people go on that first date.” Behind every great CEO is a great team, and that holds true for True View.Ibbotson co-founded the company with design/creative maestro Matt Verity, who he’s been friends with for 20 years, and tech ninja Damian Mitchell, who’s worked with Verity for 10 years. According to Ibbotson, working with friends and in such a small group also promotes a more collaborative and fun work space, which includes an outdoor area with a barbecue where everyone eats lunch together.

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The award-winning free mobile application enables users to create a simple profile, then update it minute-by-minute with whatever they are doing throughout the day, just as you might on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.But what’s truly helped the app become a leader in the space is that the team cares about listening to its audience and using that feedback to improve the service. “It’s been a great couple of years for the whole team, and we can’t wait to show off what we’re building right now, which will be launched over the next few months,” Ibbotson said. “We work hard but enjoy socializing together, too,” he said.“We try to create a friendly atmosphere, with flexible working and monthly social events.” But it’s not just the company culture that True View got right. By posting short status-style updates of their everyday lives, whether it’s the latest Netflix binge or Pinterest-inspired home-cooked meal, users are able to build a profile that truly reflects their likes and hobbies.The app has a “stuff to do” section which lists events, clubs, restaurants, sports and concerts in your local city.

The “news” section keeps you up to date on the things most important to you, and prompts more discussions.

They came up with the idea of a service that uses what they call "real-time micro-blogging" to make two people meeting feel more organic – and True View was born.

Tinder is still the app to beat, despite all the recent apps who are trying to outdo it, like True View.

The idea behind True View is that you can have a more organic conversation online first to see if you’re interested in someone before you meet him/her – as opposed to just swiping through photos.

True View was inspired by Andrew Ibbotson, one of the founders whose real-life online dating experience left him frustrated.

Do you like to share the intricacies of your day with perfect strangers?