Transfer assets before liquidating partnership

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Guaranteed payments are those made by a partnership to a partner that are determined without regard to the partnership's income.Compensation for services and capital are guaranteed payments.

Because ownership rights in a partnership are divided among two or more partners, separate capital and drawing accounts are maintained for each partner.Partner compensation and allocated net income are considered ordinary income for tax purposes and as such are reported on the form 1040.It does not matter whether or not a partner withdrew any amount of money from his capital account.Capital account of each partner represents his equity in the partnership.Capital account of a partner is increased in the following situations: The increase in the capital will record in credit side of the capital account.A capital interest is an interest that would give the holder a share of the proceeds in either of the following situations: The mere right to share in earnings and profits is not a capital interest in the partnership.

This determination generally is made at the time of receipt of the partnership interest.The individual partner reports guaranteed payments on Schedule E (Form 1040) as ordinary income, along with his distributive share of the partnership's other ordinary income.If total revenues exceed total expenses of the period, the excess is the net income of the partnership for the period.For example, one partner contributed more of the assets, and works full-time in the partnership, while the other partner contributed a smaller amount of assets and does not provide as much services to the partnership.Compensation for services is provided in the form of salary allowance.To illustrate, assume that a partner received 0 as an interest allowance.

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