Top 5 intimidating grounds

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Stopne edge can hit enemies that are in the air, but it would probably miss. Go for the brave nature, raise attack and lower speed, since 2 moves require going last, and hlod a focus band. Even though Tyranitar is the best, as a Larvitar, it's hard to get into your party, being that it can only be obtained after beating the Elite 4.I'm just greatly disappointed about the fact Tyranitar is in first. Ridiculous, anyone voting for Tyranitar on this list is very ignorant.

Rock slide or stone edge, stone edge is better with a high critical hit, but go for rock slide since it has curses attack boost and STAB, and has 100 accuracy, you probably wont even need stone edges extra power. Tyranitar reminds me a lot like Godzilla seeing as they're both similar to each other. It's one of those Pokemon that is good for everything; either being an HM slave, or a Pokemon to add to your team at the beginning of the game.

The main thing will be protecting him from special attacks... It learns many awesome and powerful ground type moves like Earthquake, and because it is a ground type electric types are no problem.

Come on guys the original rock type it's on of the largest Pokémon and it's evolution makes it super badass Garchomp One of the best pokemon ever this guy should be on top Garchomp is the best dragon type but it is a really really really really really really good ground type I love gible to bits but this guy is so damn cool he's like a shark with legs and arms and awesomeness all in one hello yeah I love this pokemon it has the best moves! Rollout for anything my ground moves couldn't handle. Sandslash is also faster than most other rock and ground types, except for perhaps aerodactyl. Plus, if you train it from scratch, you get Sandshrew's cuteness as a bonus!

Tyranitar Tyranitar is awesome get curse, to raise attack and defense, lower speed which is good.

Payback over crunch, because crunch says 80 and payback says 50, but payback is 100 if you are last, and you will be since you are slower because of curse.

Notice I said MEGA Aerodactyl not regular Aerodactyl. And if you r going to say tyranitar is the best, you have to say agron is right up there with it because they are almost the same Pokemon if you think about it. Its design is cool and intimidating without having to be very complex.

It's mythology and concept is unique as far as ground and water types are concerned.

It stats are also fantastic and it is very versatile as far as the roles it can play in battle.

Its high defenses and decent move-pool can allow it to tank like no other ground type can, both physically and specially, especially with its typing of water/ground giving it only one weakness, grass, which it can cover with ice beam.

Also, in Fire Red, before the Physical/ Special split, he could make use of Ancient Power, which was physical at the time, and could potentially raise his massive attack and speed as well as the rest of his stats all at once.

He is a beast, and with the new mega evolution, it gets even better with his even larger speed and attack. And thanks to Rock Head, he won't take recoil damage. The description for tyanitar decribes it as Armor Pokemon. Its awesome because its one of the few powerhouses everyone can geteven though it has a lot of weaknesses its strong enough to survive a hit from nearly all of them Rhydon I can't even explain it's a huge attacker but it doesn't have speed it's got great defense it's a rock rhino who doesn't like that its got awesome moves but one thing I don't like is it's evolution what th hell it's so ugly I hate it it has a thing on its head and have you seen its arms there hammers but other than that it's awesome by jack Scott if you know ace trainer Liam then drop a like.

The only thing it can do is be an outright wall, but it doesn't matter that much considering its already amazing as a tank.

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