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The chive com dating - is dani victor dating shane

that hes a man and he needs to watch porn and look at girls all that.he says "thats what real men do" even though he knew how much it bothered me.

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because of how he is, i believe he cheated on me with his parents neighbor. mind you, we had a really great sex life and he tells me constantly that its not me that its him.

Honestly, I think I'd rather him watch porn once or twice a month if he needs a release but for him to just sit and stare at hot women even after we have sex really confuses me.

Do you think this type of behavior leads to cheating?

From the woman who can't live without wearing cat whiskers to the shirtless dude who answers "swag" to every single question, here's who you're probably not looking for online.

According to website Tech Crunch, Tinder has been offering a dating service for its most elite users for at least six months without announcing its existence.

As well as you're younger than him so that to me would have been an inkling that he's going to be a male gazer as it shows a preoccupation with gal's youth/beauty. then i would look thru his computer and it would be naked chicks.//naked porn stars.. i cant do that obviously im just really busy and really sick. he said that when he was younger, he could just have a dirty thought and he would be able to masturbate to it and relieve himself.

then he said that as he got older, it was then that he needed magazines.

sorry this was long but i had to share my story because while its "hot girls fully clothed" that your guy is looking at now, it might be naked girls later. my husband is a womanizer and it totally destroyed our marriage. When you say he looks for hot women online, do you mean he looks at dating websites, or he looks just for sexy pictures?

I really hope he's not looking at dating websites, that would be unacceptable.

Outside of all of this he seems really happy with me and I don't feel like there is anything I do to make him not satisfied or unhappy. im almost in my late 20s, i got married in my early twenties.

We have a great relationship but I don't understand this behavior and am worried that it will lead to him straying eventually. Edit: He's 30I don't think it suits you to be worried in my opinion this is to be expected since he's male and guys tend to have a high sex drive and are visual so they tend to have something called the 'male gaze' which is an innate view of gals as sexual objects or body parts. at first my husband used to look at magazines like playboy etc. taking him away from family activities sometimes with our twin girls. i do alot of work in in my house, between my kids , my pets , him and lastly myself.. my husand had the nerve to tell me on mothers day that he needs to have sex everyday several times a day.

If its disrespectful and you've sat him down and had a face to face about, and he's still doing it-that would be a problem. He can look as long as there's no touching-ok in my book.

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