Tetraplegic dating

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Tetraplegic dating - brett davern dating history

Even the most dependent patients can usually be fitted with mobile life sustenance devices.

You can also have an incomplete tetraplegic injury too C-5 injuries often result in shoulder and biceps control, but no control at the wrist or hand.Given positive mental and spiritual attitudes, there is very little a quadriplegic person can not achieve in today’s wide open world.Although any disability is a crushing blow to the body and the spirit, the human soul can rise above even the worst adversity and distinguish itself despite the circumstances of life.Computers have made life far easier for many quadriplegics, since there are a number of technologies available to facilitate computer usage, even with the most dire of disabling conditions.Many quadriplegics have found terrific careers in writing, teaching and business, and have elevated the standard of how the world perceives persons with physical impairments.Taking advantage of this help might just be the beginning of a new life for you or someone you love.

Standing up for your rights is a basic human need and persons who can stand alone, even when seated, are truly a cut above the rest.

Less equipment may be needed for C-1 and C-2 patients than for C-3 and C-4 patients.

Patients with C-3 lesions have impaired breathing and may be ventilator-dependent.

Ramps and elevators are requirements in most public and governmental buildings and many businesses try extra hard to accommodate the specialized needs of physically challenged individuals.

Many restaurants and nightclubs also feature handicapped accessibility.

C-6 injuries generally yield wrist control, but no hand function.

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