Symantec endpoint client not updating

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Symantec endpoint client not updating

If there is an Application Catalog website point in the same site as the client, this server is given to the client as the Application Catalog server to use.When there is more than one available Application Catalog website point in the site, an HTTPS-enabled server takes precedence over a server that is not enabled for HTTPS.

In this scenario, users can still see, request, and install applications from an Internet-based Application Catalog.

For Configuration Manager with no service pack: Specify how frequently client computers download client policy.

For System Center 2012 Configuration Manager SP1 and System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager only: Specify how frequently the following Configuration Manager clients download client policy: When you configure this setting as True or Yes, and Configuration Manager has discovered the user, Configuration Manager clients on computers receive applications and programs that are targeted to the logged on user.

When users are prompted for credentials when they are on the Internet, ensure that the server that runs the Application Catalog website point can connect to a domain controller for the user’s account so that the user can be authenticated by using Kerberos.

How automatic detection works: The client makes a service location request to a management point.

Client settings for devices: Specify the maximum transfer rate in (Kbps) that will be used by Configuration Manager clients when outside of the specified BITS throttling window.

This option can be configured only when you have selected to allow BITS throttling outside of the specified window.However, if this setting is False or No, the following will not work when users use the Application Catalog: In addition, when this setting is False or No, users will not receive required applications that you deploy to users or any other management operations that are contained in user policies.This setting applies to users when their computer is on the intranet and the Internet; it must be configured as True or Yes if you also want to enable user policies on the Internet.A set of default settings is supplied with Configuration Manager.When you modify the default client settings, these settings are applied to all clients in the hierarchy.How do I get Symantec Endpoint Clients to update over the LAN?