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A new supermarket in Denmark called We Food has figured out how to do more with the resources we have: the only products on its shelves are past their expiry date or damaged in such a way that they wouldn't usually be sold.For shoppers, that means making good use of food that would otherwise be thrown away, and saving money at the same time.

The online film sees the supermarket test out the insight that your shopping basket says a lot about you.

Prices at We Food are up to 50 percent lower than they are at any other grocery store in Copenhagen, and those behind the project are hoping to tempt both the environmentally conscious and those with limited incomes to the store.

The Danish authorities are determined to cut down on the amount of surplus food thrown away each year, and the country as a whole has managed to reduce the figure by 25 percent over the past five years.

Commenting on the plans on Shropshire Council’s website, Alan Howe said: “As a frequent visitor to Whitchurch, I often use this facility while shopping not only in Tesco, but also in the wide variety of small, family owned shops which make Whitchurch such a pleasant place to visit and shop in.“I often combine these visits with the opportunity to catch a bus to walk in the countryside around the town, which can involve leaving my car for longer than the proposed three-hour limit – a disincentive to using public transport, something we are all being encouraged to do.“I understand that Tesco does not own the land where they hope to impose parking restrictions, an action which I believe would have a negative effect on the smaller shops and restaurants which give Whitchurch its attractive character.”Julie Gleave added that she thought it was unfair to the staff that work in town and will have a knock on effect on the businesses. In general I would think that Town Centre shops do not provide car parking, it is council provided and usually charged for.

Christine Patterson said: “I totally fail to understand how Tesco can apply for permission to erect cameras and signs on land which belongs to Shropshire Council.“This car park is of crucial importance to shoppers and businesses of our town and should remain as is.”Zoe Dean, acting clerk of Whitchurch Town Council, said: “The town council objects to the plans on the grounds that the parking cameras will affect trade and damage other business which surround the Tesco site.”Cat Parkinson, media executive for Tesco, said: “Customers of our Whitchurch store have told us that they sometimes find it difficult to park because the facility is being misused by other motorists.“To help improve space availability we are looking to install a new management system that allows up to three hours free parking.“We have submitted a planning application to make these changes and we will update customers when the launch date is confirmed.”Shropshire Council said as the separate applications for the signs and cameras are currently going through a statutory consultation period, it could not comment at this stage. In that case this is a normal arrangement to discouraghe non customers from using their park when working in the locality. If it's an out of town town store the store provides it own car park.

Tesco wants to set up three automatic number plate recognition cameras at the entrance to the car park to its store at White Lion Meadow, in Whitchurch, and 32 signs warning motorists of the parking time limit.

Bosses said they had been approached by some customers who said they found it difficult to park there to carry out their food shop.But the move has provoked an angry reaction from residents and councillors, who have claimed the car park should be widely available and that the changes could damage other businesses in the town centre.The land was leased to Tesco by Shropshire Council for a term of 125 years from July 1990, and residents have argued that as it is not the retailer’s land it should not be allowed to submit the plans.Of course you should still be careful to avoid eating food that's gone off, but you might find you don't have to throw away as much as you think you do.Online dating sites are described—by users and commentators alike—by means of the “supermarket” metaphor.While we’re not sure what the exact deal is with the U. version of the site – Adopt – as we weren’t about to register to try to find out, it seems to exist, but cross links with a UK version – Bag

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