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This module is useful for users to display the latest server issues regarding their region’s server for League of Legends.It requires 2 libraries that should already have came with Python (urllib2 and json). status [region] – it will display the English translation if there is one. So whatever you see there is what the bot will pull (always grabs the latest update under Game Section) This module will be included in version 1.2 of the bot when it is released as well.

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Due to the increase of employee firings, layoff announcements and terminations that are happenings through social media channels, I thought it best to create a timeline of known events and case studies that are brought to our attention through the power of social media, online media and traditional news sources.Currently working on a potential new module / bot that records game play.Updates are as follows: This is a bot I wrote for the Azubu chat service for streamers to run or anyone else for that matter.February This is a running crowdsourced this of terminations and firings related to social media activities by employees.Leave a comment below with a description and link if available, and we’ll work to add it to the running list.This list you see before you is not meant to be all encompassing.

It is ever growing and changing as new instances are brought to our attention through the power of you by leaving a comment below.

This new level of personal and professional transparency combined with the availability of mobile technology heightens the likelihood that your workplace will be impacted with social media in some way.

It’s likely that your recruiting team is using social media as a candidate recruiting and sourcing tool.

I’ve also added 2 new commands which can be seen below.

Updates are as follows: In Version 1.1, I’ve added support for blacklisting words of any mods’ choice. The word you would like to add/remove must come after the command.

He was given a sentence of ten years, but served less than two, probably because he was able to roll over on a few virus writers. If you are curious what I do for a living, the following is some of it. It’s not one of my favorites, but it’s still pretty interesting.

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