Speed dating faq

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Speed dating faq - Chat canada sex

Once at an event you will be paired at a table with someone and engaged in conversation, therefore having a friend with you is not necessary.However, people do have a great time when they bring along their friends.

We have fantastic hosts and our events are very structured so you will never feel as if you dont know what is going on.

Dont let nerves stop you from an opportunity to meet someone great!

A) There is no reason to feel awkward about attending an event alone.

To receive a Free Pass to another event, you must be there for the entire event and log in to Date within 48 hours of the event ending and select no to everyone.

Thus, indicating you did not see anyone there you were interested in seeing again.

If the events were cheaper, they would bring out a different type of crowd that is not really serious about meeting that special someone.

Keep in mind that if there isn't anyone at the event you are interested in you can select no to everyone and come back to another event for FREE!

"A) We have tried different time increments, but have found that 5 minutes works best.

We found that most people know in just a few minutes if they would like to get to know someone better or not.

This is the purpose of speed dating events to bring multiple singles together in order to find other singles they would like to know better and set up real dates with.

If you really hit it off with someone and want to talk longer, stay when the event is over and mingle at the after party.

At the end of each 5 minute "mini-date" a bell will ring and participants secretly circle yes or no on their Date Switch Date Card depending on their interest.