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During 1892, Colcord operated the school privately. The imprisonment of the school's leaders resulted in its immediate closing for the rest of the year.

In 1944 Southern began awarding baccalaureate degrees and was renamed Southern Missionary College.Fourteen of the members of the Graysville Church were indicted for having violated the Tennessee Sunday law. Industries were established including a wagon and blacksmith shop, a broom shop, a printshop and a school farm.The farm grew peaches, pears and many types of berries and vegetables.These venues are perfect for students in search of: Individual visits welcome on open dates. Phone: (937) 395-8601 extension 57628 Phone: (937) 395-8638 (PA info) Visit web page*Please check the campus visit web page to verify dates as they are subject to change. Phone: (951) 785-2329 Email: [email protected] web page Photo op: next to the sculpture depicting the story of the prodigal son (by the fountain in the center of campus)Please contact LLU below at least two weeks in advance of your planned visit dates to confirm availability.Contact at least two weeks in advance for both university previews and individual visits. Park in the large lot across the street from the school and meet at the College front desk in the Boonshoft Center for Medical Sciences (3737 Southern Blvd., Kettering) prior to the session's designated start time. Sessions are not held on holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year's, and any other cancellations are posted on the web site. For groups of 10 or more, a reservation is required four (4) weeks in advance. 2694 Email: [email protected] web page Photo op: Clocktower or church stained glass mural Individual or group campus visits welcome on open dates. Tours are not available on Weekends, National Holidays, or due to inclement weather.It is known for its emphasis on Adventist beliefs and conservative religious and social practices, The Graysville Seventh-day Adventist Church was organized on September 8, 1888, and by the fall of 1890, the members had dedicated a church building. He had just moved to Graysville and was present for the church dedication. By 1893 there were three full-time teachers and three part-time teachers.

Prescott considered the positive attitude of the school's faculty, students and supporters to be indicators of the school's future success and good reason to start other such schools in the South. The church members found guilty refused to pay the fines, choosing to go to prison instead.The Southern Union Conference was organized in April 1901.Kilgore, the superintendent of the Southern District, known as District 2, was elected the first president of the Southern Union Conference. The General Conference arranged for the Southern Union to take over the operation of the Southern Industrial School.A vital part of finding your future is showing up to experience a campus preview.You are invited to spend a day at the Adventist college of your choice.Many students earned their tuition by helping to construct these buildings.