Sorority and fraternity dating

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Fraternity & Sorority Life recognizes the following governing boards: Interfraternity Council (IFC), National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC), Panhellenic Council (PC), and the United Greek Coalition (UGC).

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The office assists chapters with programming, risk reduction, scholastic excellence, and event planning.Additionally, the office works with the governing councils in many of the same areas as well as encouraging self-governance and growth.There are many benefits to joining a fraternity or sorority at the University of Kentucky.Panhellenic hosts formal recruitment in the Fall term only, while IFC hosts a formal recruitment at the start of both semesters.Formal Recruitment is planned by the Panhellenic and Interfraternity Councils to help all of the men and women interested in joining a fraternity or sorority learn about all of the chapters of those councils.NPHC organizations were founded by African Americans for the purpose of providing students of color with an opportunity to find support systems and encouragement in higher education.

Membership in these organizations are now open to students of any background, but still include an inter/national focus on initiatives that benefit minority and African American communities.NPHC and UGC organizations host recruitment and intake on their own schedules, and do not organize a formal recruitment program.Eligibility for new member processes different for each organization.This process is organized by each chapter individually, but includes selection of candidates, education about the organization, and ends with initiation and full membership in the organization.Formal recruitment is the structured recruitment process organized by Panhellenic and IFC.More information about formal recruitment for Panhellenic can be found here and for IFC can be found here.