Sony ericsson pc companion not updating

20-Sep-2015 17:28 by 7 Comments

Sony ericsson pc companion not updating - Free porn messenger chat site

To me this looks much like Sony abandoned support for this device.

I can't quite remember what it was, but it was supposed to root the phone.There's a huge modding community, largely centered around the XDA developers forums.There's actually a subforum there for just your device, and the subforum for your device that you want (there's also Q&A sections and whatnot) is XPERIA X10 Android Development.Tip: Make sure that your device is fully charged before performing a software update.Use the Software update application to update your device wirelessly.Tip: If you can’t turn off your device, before performing a software repair, force it to shut down.

To shut down, press and hold down the power key and the volume up key simultaneously until the device emits three vibrations.When you have that installed, you can always create a complete backup of your phone, so if anything breaks you can always restore to that backup via the recovery, since the recovery remains untouched between ROM installations.If you want to venture into rooting your phone and trying custom ROMs, I wish you good luck!The updates that you can download over the Internet directly on your Xperia™ device depend on your operator.It is recommended to use a Wi-Fi® network instead of a mobile network to download new software so that you can avoid data traffic costs.I don't think I managed to actually root it, but it's been working fine, regardless.