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As for “live” performance, as in a webcam-type situation? Can you tell us about the recently released updated version of KILLING FOR CULTURE?Twenty-plus years is a long time – can you describe what changed in the narrative and what’s included in the vast amount of additional content?

In London, the next course on the block at The Horse Hospital is David Kerekes’ “It’s Not Real, But It’s Reality: The Story of Custom-Made Sex and Horror”, taking place this Thursday, May 12th, from PM-PM.Imagine your old copy of KILLING FOR CULTURE, but with a new book tagged onto it! There are three new chapters, while almost all the existing text has been updated or revamped in some way.The new book goes into some very interesting, not always obvious places.KEREKES: The earlier editions of KILLING FOR CULTURE make no reference to the Internet, so that gives you a basic idea of the scope and scale of this new edition.The Internet and digital media has not only given us a new platform for watching and distributing material, but it has also changed the way in which we interact with media and the way in which we look at it and process it.In Britain in 2008, a law was passed that directly addressed the issue of fake ‘snuff’ material.

A test case came to trial in 2011 involving a man who had paid for and downloaded such images.

I’m interested in film and I’m also interested in all this other stuff, too.

Sometimes there is a crossover point – as in the case of the mondo films.

David Kerekes is an authority on death and sex on screen.

A co-founder of Headpress, the British publishing house specializing in invaluable and essential texts on unpopular culture, Kerekes’ two books co-written with fellow Headpress architect David Slater are exhaustive and indispensible: SEE NO EVIL: BANNED FILMS AND VIDEO CONTROVERSY (2001) investigates Britain’s ‘video nasties’ moral panic, with an opening chapter offering the best thorough summary I’ve yet read on the rise, popularization and dominance of home video (from a UK perspective).

Slater & Kerekes’ earlier co-authorship, the critically acclaimed KILLING FOR CULTURE: AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF DEATH FILM FROM MONDO TO SNUFF (1994), has recently been revised and greatly expanded for a new 2016 edition, under the title KILLING FOR CULTURE: FROM EDISON TO ISIS – A NEW HISTORY OF DEATH ON FILM.

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