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The movie will keep your interest for all the obvious reasons.

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The "professional" dancing was a joke, the plot was pointless, and the song that plays in the background of nearly every scene will be stuck in your head for weeks. Multiple editing botches, drunken father abuse, old guys dealing in drugs, awful dancing choreography, a protagonist named Critter, and you expect someone to shell out twenty-three bucks to see it? I paid ten bucks for the non-MST3K version of Werewolf and that was a horrible decision on my part. I JUST GOT THE EPISODE ON MST3K THIS PAST WEEK, EVEN THEY COULD NOT MAKE FUNNY JOKES OUT OF IT.

Their daughter works as a nightclub dancer, intending to save the money to help with the debt.

After her father's suicide, the girl decides to get revenge.

Because 3.5 million yen was the budget imposed on works in the pink film genre, an all-color production had been beyond the means of directors in the 1960s.

Some films had been shot partially in color, using color only for certain scenes, a practise that would continue until Nikkatsu took over the genre with its Roman porno series in 1971.

Blue Film Woman was one of the first all-color pink films.

Jasper Sharp writes that director Mukai's use of color in this film appears to be "making up for lost time, exploding into its super-saturated hues from the very first frame...

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As his investments in the stock market fail, a man finds himself in serious debt to a lecherous loan-shark named Uchiyama.

Ali Cobrin doesn’t come across false and forced like Scout Taylor-Compton did in Rob Zombie’s ill-conceived version of .

I also think Adam Di Marco’s performance as “Kylie’s” love interest “Ben Standley” is just as important to the success of this film, because his onscreen compassion for “Kylie” makes us care about him and her well being.

The man's wife hires herself to Uchiyama to buy time for the husband to pay off the debt.

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