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Accordingly, cybersex is about sex, but a form of sexual encounter involves experiences typical of other encounters, such as sexual arousal, masturbation, orgasm, and satisfaction.Indeed, people consider cybersex to have a high degree of psychological reality—but many do not consider it to be consider it to be infidelity.

The fact that most of these affairs are concealed from offline spouses is indicative of the possible harm.Time spent in that world can help them their actual world, while not giving up on having exciting, even emotional experiences.Living within the two worlds is not easy, however, and may become increasingly risky when people do not realize the limitations of each.The private nature of online affairs may make them less painful for the betrayed partner as well.Moreover, when online affairs are revealed to the significant other, which is done more often than when offline circumstances are involved, it could be considered as something less than cheating.In reality, though, the issue of online cheating is more complex—especially when it concerns sexual activities involving actual interaction with other individuals.

People, consciously or not, consider their online sexual relationships as real—they experience psychological states similar to those typically elicited by offline relationships.

These people believe that if they do not even know the real name of their cybermate—and never actually see them—their affair cannot be regarded as from a moral point of view; it's no different from reading a novel or other form of entertainment.

In other words, a way to play out fantasies in a safe environment.

When people do Hi, I'm Damian and I been dating a wonderful woman same age as me for about 5 monts. My phone broke, so my girl gave me one of her old phones.

Without knowing she didn't erase any pictures which were all shared with her icloud account.

Chatting is not cheating provided the guy only CHAT not cheating.

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