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, or sometimes as just “the gazer.” He is a 48-year-old Croatian healer, born Josip Grbavac in Zagreb.His disciples, of which there are many, swear that his touchless embrace brings about a kind of all-purpose, borderline magical healing, dispelling both physical and emotional suffering with ease.

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Others were more blatant, asking for “friends with benefits” or a “sexy slut.” It seems the men behind these ads have found a new way to get Vancouver’s expensive housing market to work for them. He’s waiting for his permanent residency in Canada, and lives in a basement suite in Burnaby.“Especially in Vancouver, the gap is very high.” The women I spoke to are all looking for systemic change; whether it’s the local police force to start cracking down on the men behind these ads, or our governments to take steps to ease the housing market. In any case a solution has to be found to help women who are turning to these coercive situations because although I get to forget about these men and go home to my family at the end of the day – many women in B. “But it doesn’t mean even the confused ones, even the ones who want to set themselves as unlucky in love aren’t engaging in behaviour that’s exploitative and predatory.” That man quickly became explicit and very specific about his sexual needs the next time I was in contact with him over the phone, and suggested that I wear clothing that would be easy to take off on certain scheduled nights. When I asked why he decided to meet up with me, he said it was because I stated in my email that I was “open-minded.” “I ask if you’re open minded, none of them says I am open minded,” he said, describing the other candidates. They say: if I put a small blanket down [on the floor] I can sleep there.So they’re not open minded.” He explained that he didn’t want women paying rent because then they would ask for privacy – and then told me about a previous tenant, whom he had kicked out for that exact reason.He seemed nervous, and said his mother was waiting for him in the Metrotown mall.

I almost felt sorry for the guy – until I realized I shouldn’t.

The gazer was recognized for his work towards “world peace” at a United Nations event in 2012, and his yellow diamond-encrusted Golden Sun pendant (which is not only stylish, but a potent “connection to [his] energy”) currently retails for more than ,000. sharp, with a brief, unexplained video of Braco on a fishing trip with an older man and a boy.

But no one, not even Braco, can be everywhere at once. I made my way to in time for yesterday’s first gazing session, without the slightest idea of what to expect—except for the gazing, that is. Afterwards, a young woman identified in a chyron as Slavica Martinović appears on screen.

Jedlicka argues that “the state” was created entirely in accordance with international laws, because it is based on the no-man’s-land whose demarcation did not seek neither Serbia nor Croatia.

The aim of the founders of the new state is to create a society in which honest people can thrive, and a state that is not making their lives difficult with unnecessary restrictions and taxes.

One of the reasons for the establishment of Liberland was the increasing influence of interested groups on the functioning of the state and worsening living conditions for people.

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