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Since his release from the hospital, Smith has been supervised by Liberty Health Care, a company contracted by the state to manage sexually violent predators.

After hours of testimony Monday morning from representatives of Liberty Health Care who have worked with Smith since his release, Judge Arvid Johnson found there was cause for the case to continue to trial.

During the hearing, the court heard testimony from a clinical forensic psychologist who’s worked with Smith since 2013.

Basically, people have been freaking out lately due to reports of men and women dressed in full clown get-ups doing “creepy things.” Some of these spine-chilling acts include creeping outside of bushes, lurking near schools, chasing children, whispering in the woods while children walk by, and attempting to lure people into the woods.

Rolling Stone came out with a video to give viewers a glimpse of how eerie these clowns really are. Not only are these clowns making their way across the country physically, they’re starting to run the social media world as well.

Wally.theclowns has almost 3,000 followers on Instagram (I may or may not have requested to follow).

According to NBC News, “…at least a dozen people [have been] arrested for taking part in the menacing stunt or for making false reports, according to police.” These foreboding clowns have been spotted in states like North Carolina, New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Georgia, Alabama, Virginia, Florida, Delaware, Washington, and Texas.

According to representatives of the contracted agency, Smith is monitored in person by a case manager and a GPS tracking device while living at area motels.

In November, at the one-year mark since his release from the state hospital, Smith and his attorney, James Mc Entee, asked the court to consider granting him unsupervised release — the purpose of Monday’s hearing.

“Saw a creepy clown on the sidewalk in Lynwood/Edmonds [Washington] area last night.

Wasn’t trying to lure anyone from what I could tell, but still absolutely terrifying.

Stillman went on in his testimony to say, Liberty Healthcare has never recommended unconditional release after just one year of supervision.