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If you really like a story that is your own or someone else's, message me the NAME of the story, please! As Kagome discovers, some things are fated and truly perfect.

Kagome Higurashi enters his life and may just prove to be the help he needed and something more. So naturally when Sango invites her to dinner at Sesshomaru's on his off night from the restaurant she accepts the invitation and all the ones that follow. A modern take on an old classic: Pride and Prejudice.She held the Meidō stone, which was given to her by the Inu no Taishō.He instructed her that should Sesshōmaru ever approach her seeking information about the Sword, Tenseiga, she should use the Meidō stone to test his abilities and not feel fear nor sadness if it put their son's life in danger.While checking up on a Temple resident, she is attacked and accidentally sent back in time where she is thought to be the lover of a god.With this development, she is thrust into an ancient battle for a man her past self-loved and her future-self is reluctant to let go.Sesshōmaru's mother was an inu daiyōkai and former lover to the Inu no Taishō, who fathered her son, Sesshōmaru.

Able to transform into a massive dog, she spent most of her time in humanoid form.With tests, strict teachers, new enemies, and the possibility of romance hanging over her head, how will Kagome ever survive?Once upon a time, hidden in the darkest of woods, was a little cabin where dwelled a beautiful maiden and her protector.She also lectured him about the qualities of the wielder of the Tenseiga, and emphasized the need for compassion, love, and a pure heart.This could mean that she beared no ill-grudge toward her deceased mate; rather, she still nursed deep feelings toward him. She wore a purple and white kimono with green and yellow butterfly designs on it, and wore a dark blue outer wrap that had a fur pelt, which wrapped around her chest.But today was different; it was supposed to be an ordinary day yet Sesshomaru was suddenly within her grasp.

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