Selena gomez dating joe jonas

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Selena gomez dating joe jonas

Selena Gomez has been the subject of a plethora of dating rumors recently.In the past few months, Gomez has been linked romantically to Ed Sheeran, Niall Horan, Alexander De Leon, Cody Simpson, and, of course, Justin Bieber — rumors which all turned out to be false or exaggerated.

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Kevin is currently linked to hometown girl Danielle Deleasa (they both grew up in Wyckoff, New Jersey), and Joe is dating "Push" star Camilla Belle.

Eventually, some of their friends joined them and helped them break the ice a little.

Now, we could argue that they are collaborating a new song and it was a business dinner and not a date.

“We kind of ran into each other a couple of weeks ago, like walking in Venice.

We were both with separate groups of friends and we ran into each other,” Nick said. It was a big group of people and we all had a great time. It was nice to connect and just catch up,” he added.

Once upon a time, former Disney stars Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas were a thing, both happy in a love that Selena Gomez calls “sweet.” Fast forward a few years, and both Nick and Selena have outgrown their teeny-bopper Disney star days.

Today both are A-list celebrities at the top of their game, and both have successful entertainment careers.He jokingly added, "Again, going back to the ups and downs, I think that I was 14, so it's, you know, I was pretty young, so I think you can just consider it a young little relationship." Though Kevin stayed mum during the interrogation, Joe goofed around about his much-discussed relationship with Taylor Swift.When Letterman mentioned her name, Joe looked around the room, before teasingly saying, "No, um, yeah, you know, we didn't work out." Letterman, on a roll after his rather interesting Wednesday-night exchange with Joaquin Phoenix, quickly quipped that Joe's youth makes it easy for him to be so nonchalant about the breakup.They've already had a massive global hit with track Cake By The Ocean which has gone double platinum in Australia and reached the top 10 on i Tunes charts in over 10 countries, and have released their debut EP Swaay.'I had a blast back then (in the Jonas Brothers) as well but there were three cooks in the kitchen and this time I'm steering the ship across all boards, musically and things like that, and that's a fun experience for me.They finished their series of Snaps with a dance party lip-syncing along to "Hands to Myself" and "Cake by the Ocean."They make SUCH a cute group. It looks like there's no weirdness about Selena formerly dating Joe's brother Nick... Hollywood is just like high school, so the good news is that whatever awkward drama there is about who likes who will all just be a hilarious joke five or 10 years from now.

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