Scared of dating

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Be warned though, there are time wasters who just want to email and there are those who won 't turn up.Don't take it personally, they are the ones with the issues. Internet dating can be great fun and you don't have to "chat" someone up in a bar or club.

I think knowing what makes you tick and feeling you have a handle on it will make you appealing to women and set you off on the right foot.Is there anything specifically that I could do that would be easier. Specifically I'm afraid of everything about dating and being with a woman.I fear so much that I don't think i'll ever be able to date unless I get some kind of an experience with a woman, maybe just going shopping with a girl, or anything where I get a chance to be with her." Have you ALWAYS wanted to date but just kept putting it off for one reason or another (fear, etc.) or do you feel social pressure to be with someone by a certain age?Perhaps you would find some value in seeing a therapist to build confidence, address your fears/concerns and steel yourself for the adventure of meeting women and dating in earnest?I'll pay for everything, open doors for her, do silly stuff to make her laugh, have meaningful conversation, I'd even carry her to the car if she wants. It's a way of meeting people and the more you meet the easier it will get. Arrange to meet during the day, in a public place, just for a coffee or something.

And I can guarantee I won't be thinking up plans to get her in bed, I'm terrified of sex. That way it's a limited time that you have to be there. Tell a friend where you're going, and get them to text you after half an hour.

Good luck to you in however you choose to reach your goal!

You've gotten some very good advice here, so I'm not going to go into great depths but I do have one suggestion that always works with women (most of the time at least). One item like, that's a really pretty dress or I love your hair like that etc. I had, and still have social anxiety but it's not as bad as it was.

Please give me some suggestions, or tell me anything about my dating situation. I'm running out of time, I'm almost 29 and I've never dated a woman.

Now I've made up my mind to date a woman before I'm 30.

Practically everyone needs to actually meet face to face to find out if there's anything spark, although you'll always hear the stories about internet love finding.

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    Even though I grew up in a technological age, I fear we have become too plugged in.

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