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Given the relative lack of information on the effectiveness of alternative treatments, Dr.

In 2011, for example, a pilot study funded by Autism Speaks enrolled 27 children, ages 3 to 8, diagnosed with ASD and hyperactivity.In addition, parents and other caregivers report that autism-associated insomnia can take a toll on the entire household.However, Malow and other experts caution that families and individuals dealing with autism-associated insomnia should consult a physician rather than try melatonin on their own.Most recently, a pilot study by Vanderbilt University Medical School researcher Beth Malow, M. S., demonstrated that – when taken regularly – a nightly dose of melatonin helps children with autism and insomnia fall asleep.(Malow is also a principal investigator for Vanderbilt’s Autism Speaks Autism Treatment Network site.) The 24 children, ages 3 to 9, who completed the 14-week experimental treatment, differed somewhat in the dose they required to fall asleep.However, research on the safety and benefits of these approaches has been much less studied than have more traditional treatments.

Because of this lack of rigorous study, many physicians and other healthcare providers find it understandably difficult to advise families who inquire about CAM treatments.

Also, because autism encompasses a complex group of disorders, some treatments may work for one person but not another.” Dr.

Hendren is also director of child and adolescent psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF).

This is important because placebos (inactive supplements or “dummy” medicines) can themselves have a beneficial effect, owing to the power of suggestion.

In addition, studies with many more participants are needed to confirm melatonin’s benefit and safety.

“There are lots of causes for sleep disturbances,” she explains.