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A certificate is usually valid for a year, after which, the signer must renew, or get a new, a signing certificate to establish identity.Certificate authority (CA) A certificate authority is an entity similar to a notary public.

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Signed documents will have the Signatures button at the bottom of the document.

Miss Utility is a one-call notification center that informs subscribing facility/utility owner-members of proposed excavation.

So, if you plan to install a new mailbox or plant a garden, contact the Miss Utility Call Center at least two full working days in Maryland and Delaware (excluding weekends and legal holidays) and (48) business hours in the District of Columbia prior to your intended digging.

Having a variety of utility services could mean you have lines and pipes running underground – do you know where they are?

Regardless of the size and scope of your digging you should contact Miss Utility.

It issues digital certificates, signs certificates to verify their validity and tracks which certificates have been revoked or have expired.

A signature line resembles a typical signature placeholder that might appear in a printed document. When a signature line is inserted into an Office file, the author can specify information about the intended signer, and instructions for the signer.The tree diameter measurement must be taken at 1.4 m (4.5 feet or approximately at chest height) above ground level.It applies to trees on all land use types including, single family residential properties.When an electronic copy of the file is sent to the intended signer, this person sees the signature line and a notification that their signature is requested.The signer can: Using signature lines in Office files makes it possible for organizations to reduce risk when you use electronic transactions and to streamline paper processes for contracts or other agreements.Starting October 1, 2010 homeowners are required by Law to contact Miss Utility whenever mechanized equipment is being used within 18 inches of a utility line marking.

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