Real time updating of files

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Real time updating of files

Depending on the use, this operation should be performed infrequently (e.g., nightly), if at all, since it involves reading and re-writing the entire index.Segments are normally merged over time anyway (as determined by the merge policy), and optimize just forces these merges to occur immediately.

When Real-Time reporting is suspended, data collection and all other reporting services aren’t affected.For example: settings allow forcing document commits to happen in a defined time period.This is used most frequently with Near Real Time Searching, and for that reason the default is to perform a soft commit.It is likely that only a small portion of the page will actually change.Your clients will end up having to download more and the web server will be sending data it doesn't have to.A soft Commit may be "less expensive" in terms of time, but not free, since it can slow throughput.

An optimize is like a hard commit except that it forces all of the index segments to be merged into a single segment first.

This does not, however, replicate new documents to slave servers in a master/slave environment.

Real-Time allows you to monitor activity as it happens on your site or app.

To learn more about the reports and how to interpret them, read Using the Real-Time reports.

The big disadvantage of this technique is the whole page is reloaded.

A simple bit of javascript can be used to request the browser to reload a new image at regular intervals. As the date string is appended as a The following files provide a simple demonstration of AJAX.

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